Impression Counts. Design Matters.
The Internet is based on image. We help you portray the right image to your potential customers: professional, cutting-edge, and up-to-date. We focus on providing dynamic websites that capture your audience to ensure that they remain attentive and receptive to your message. Our unique and top-notch designs make it easy for you to create the impressive Internet presence you need.

Cutting-Edge Technology
Captivate your audience with a website that comes alive with the latest Internet technology. We offer Flash and HTML combined website designs for an interactive experience with optimized loading times. Not only do most of our websites feature special flash effects, but Ownspot members can choose from an assortment of amazingly animated flash intro screens to use as an impressive primer to their website. Flash intros screens are included with every website - they add personality, are customizable, and we give you the option to remove or exchange your intro.

Never Pay For Another Website
We offer a true value which will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on website design costs. We allow our members to change the look of their website anytime! When the urge to exchange your website design hits, there's never an additional fee. You can select a new website design as frequently as you wish. No need to re-enter your website contents. Simply select a new design, and with just a few clicks your website contents are incorporated into the new design instantly. New website designs are always being added, so your website will never be outdated. You will never have to pay for another website again. Ownspot is your website solution indeed!

Easily customize your website with the multitude of options available to you. Far more dynamic and flexible than other website design companies. Choose your color scheme, select from over 20 different page layouts including a thumbnail gallery, image gallery, bulletin board, FAQ, HotMedia, and more. Upload your images and logo, or browse through the professional images in our Image Library for use on your website. Our user-friendly interface is designed for easy website building. Our pages support HTML, however absolutely no programming is necessary.

Text Editor
You are in complete control of how your website will look with our easy Text Editor. You can choose your font size, face, color, text alignments, add hyperlinks, and much more! If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you already know how to use our Text Editor.

Tools for Online Success
All the technology, expertise, and tools to build and maintain a dynamic online presence! Ownspot’s client management tools are designed to improve performance, productivity, and your relationship with your clients. In addition, we feature free META Tag embedding in your website. This means more search engines will accurately list your website in their indexes.

Powerful E-Commerce System
Partnered with EcommBuilder, the Ecommerce Builder Software, Ownspot now offers higher level of ecommerce online store solution. Showcase your products online with our powerful e-commerce builder. Categorize your products into unlimited categories and subcategories for an organized e-commerce site. Feature products that are on sale or showcase a new line of products in a special section. We have options for those who would like to accept orders online as well as for those who don't. Ownspot E-Commerce is customizable from the product catalog, payment processing options, to custom shipping options!
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