Display and sell your products online with Ownspot E-Commerce! Simply display your products or accept credit card orders online. Whatever level of e-commerce your business is ready for, we have a solution for you! Sophisticated features and options for all types of business.

Get everything in the Starter and Premium Packages plus:

E-Commerce Manager
Features include:

•  Customizable catalog to show your products
•  Space for detailed product information and custom images
•  Members Login option for your customers with order status
•  Shopping cart
•  Account Manager: Be notified of new orders and view all your orders online
•  E-Commerce payment processing options
•  Accept credit card payments (Visa and MC) with Card Service International
•  SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Secure Web Hosting
•  Shipping options (UPX, FedEx, or custom)
•  20 custom POP email addresses that match your web address
•  400 MB of disk space

Product Catalog

It is easy to create an online catalog to showcase your products or portfolio! Display product descriptions, images, prices, and promotional items. Separate your products into categories for an organized display. Categorization of your products is flexible; categorize by items, price, brands, items and make changes at any time. No limit on number of categories or category divisions.
Sample Site:Shualet Clothing

Pick your E-Commerce options
Whether you are ready to take orders online or not, we have a solution for you. Choose the payment option that is compatible with your business.

Product Catalog with Merchant Account + Payment Processing

Accept credit cards and process orders online with a "custom-built" feeling e-commerce site. A seamless shopping environment with automatic tax and shipping charge calculations and integrated online payment processing services.

Product Catalog Without Merchant Account

No merchant account to qualify for! Perfect for merchants who do not have an inventory system in place or who are not ready to have a completely automated sales and delivery system.

Your customers will be able to select products, place an order, and calculate order totals. Completion of the sale, including payment processing are handled offline. Keep track of online orders through your e-commerce account manager, and receive email notification every time an order is placed. Although payment is processed offline, customers will be able to track their orders online for their ultimate convenience.

Card Service International Merchant Account: Low Monthly Fee
Card Service International Payment delivers a fast and reliable platform that enables your company to authorize, process, and manage payments online. Accept major credit cards, debit cards, Internet check purchases, and other tender types. Whether transactions are processed in real time or offline, the data is first transferred to a high security, redundant, risk-free transaction-processing center where it is processed by Card Service International and then sent to the appropriate financial institution for authorization.

You pay nothing to apply and receive your free merchant account. After that, Card Service International will apply monthly statement fees, discount rates (usually between 2.5% to 3.0%), and per transaction fees once your online store is active.

SSL Secure Web Hosting
Your customers can enter their credit card or other payment information online in confidence knowing that their information will be sent securely in an encrypted format, which prevents others from seeing their information. Securely transfer credit card numbers and other information across the Internet with SSL, which stands for Secure Socket Layer - a secure way of passing sensitive information between computers.

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